Episode 45: Hey, Baby!

What’s it like having a baby in South Korea? We welcome Teresa back and talk about the whole birth experience. We discuss a little about some traditions and beliefs around childbirth, pre-natal care and then after the baby is born. How are the services, how are the hospitals, how much money does the government give you just for popping out a kid? We also talk a little bit about The Burning Sun scandal that is still ongoing. And new music by Kim Peri (김페리)!

Episode 039: Terrible 2s

In this episode Steve and Teresa kick back, go off script and discus the show, life, and anything else that comes up. It’s a free-for-all in this second anniversary show. Thanks to all of you who’ve kept listening to the show and welcome to all of our new listeners! We wouldn’t be here without you. 건배! Music in this episode was provided by Love X Stereo with their new song, Beauties Die Young. Check out their new album, We Love We Leave, Pt. 2, available now on iTunes.





Episode 037 – What’s Up, Doc?

Upon the suggestion of a listener, Steve and Teresa delve deep into the topic of Korea’s National Health Insurance system. Is it any good? How does it compare to other Western countries? What are the strengths and weaknesses? And in a first for our show, we’ve got a hip-hop song from artist Atwater with his song, See Who.



Episode 035 – Takin’ Care Of Business – Show Notes

Here’s the article about Korea’s productivity woes that Dan and Steve discussed.

Seven Reasons Why Korea Has the Worst Productivity in the OECD

Dan brought us some new Korean terms in his Cunning Linguist section.

네 알겠습니다 – yes, of course!  (the only answer to every question)
팀장님 – team leader
지금 하겠습니다 – yes, right away!
조금 더 빨리 해주세요 – do it faster!
야근 – ‘night work’
퇴근 – ‘leaving work’
출근 – ‘beginning work’
연차/월차/반차 – paid vacations: yearly, monthly, half day vacation
성과급 – bonuses
정규직/계약직/비정규직/알바 – different types of contracts: tenured/yearly contract/non-tenured or irregular/temp work

Music in this episode was provided by Dongmyo Police Box. You can get more information about them on our Featured Artist page and head over to their Soundcloud page to hear it again.


Episode 028 – You Don’t Know Jeong! Show Notes

Lots of things were covered in this episode. Below is the list of resources I used for Jeong, Han, and Nunchi.

Jeong (정)

Jeong in Clinical Psychology
Eugene’s Blog on Jung and Han
Blog from Rj Koehler
A blog making the case that Jeong is not real

Han (한)

Scott In Exile



Here’s the video about misunderstanding Jeong we talked about during the show.


In The News

Man Sees Girlfriend’s Real Face for the First Time
Korea’s Proposed Sex Education Standards

Hallyu Doin’

Teresa spent some time gushing over Korean singer Zion T in this episode. Here’s one of his songs.

Music this episode was provided by Tierpark and the song was called Bullfight. You can find all their information over on our Featured Artist page.

Episode 026 – K-Poppin’ Part 1

In this episode Steve and Teresa sit down with special guest Eugene, from the podcast Cafe Seoul and talk all about the K-Pop industry, as well as a few tangents. We had so much fun with Eugene that we had split it into two parts. Also we’ve got some new music from featured artist Table People! They’ve got a new album out, Ride With Me, which you can find on iTunes and Band Camp.




Recently the show partnered up with a new website, ESLROK.com. Their goal is to be a place for both job seekers and employers, where you can post resumes for free, and join a community to get information about living and teaching in Korea. So if you are looking for a job, looking to hire someone for a job, or know someone who is, head on over and take the tour. Once you make an account you can even create your own blog and connect with others.

And, while you’re there, you can listen to our podcast, or others. If you want to get personal with the creators of ESLROK, check out Cafe Seoul’s most recent episode, Gone Teachin’, where they interview the minds behind the site, Ben and Jason. They offer a lot of options for users and we think they have a good thing going. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Check them out and see for yourself!

Episode 024: Down with the Cool Kids

In this episode Teresa tells us all about some of the popular phrases you can toss out with your Korean friends to look cool. Also how to take more stylish selfies. Lots of announcements at the top of the show. Plus, new music from Riot Kidz. You can also now hear Korea Underground on KoreaFM!