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Episode 038: No Means No! – Show Notes

Here are the articles we referenced regarding rape and sexual assault in South Korea. Airdre Mattner BBC Article Police Response to Airdre Mattner Open Letter to Ms. Mattner from the Police Police Apologize for the Open Letter More apologies from the Police. Ms. Mattner’s Account Differs from the Police and Hospital Records Korea Observer Article  …

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Episode 030 – No, You Make Me A Sandwich! Show Notes

Here is a list of the articles I sourced when researching information about the role of women in Korean society.   Hallyu Doin! Korean singer IU is in the midst of a minor scandal as she has confirmed that she’s dating a much older man, singer Chang Kiha. …

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Episode 028 – You Don’t Know Jeong! Show Notes

Lots of things were covered in this episode. Below is the list of resources I used for Jeong, Han, and Nunchi. Jeong (정) Jeong in Clinical Psychology Eugene’s Blog on Jung and Han Blog from Rj Koehler A blog making the case that Jeong is not real Han (한) Scott In Exile Nunchi …

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Episode 023 – GI Joe : Show Notes

Here are the articles we discussed or referenced for the main topic. American Soldiers Need To Leave South Korea Why Are US Troops Still In South Korea? Are US Troops in South Korea Still Necessary? Why Do Koreans Complain About The US South Korean Armed Forces Remain Under US Command In The News Violent Poem …

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Episode 022 – Mo’ Money – Show Notes

Here’s all the info for Angle Magazine and Big Day South. Big Day South Tickets Angle Magazine X Luxsi Young (We’re going to add the tshirt from Pallo shortly) Here’s a playlist of the music that will feature at the festival.

Episode 020 – Frenemies – Show Notes

Zen Bar Story about Zen Bar kicking out a gay man. Zen Bar’s Facebook page  Foreigner Communities and Support To read about the ATEK debacle, check out these links: Three Wise Monkeys – ATEK: The Great White Hoax Roboseyo – A Eulogy for ATEK Two other support communities for foreigners in Korea are AFEK and …

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Episode 018: I’m Home Momma – Show Notes

Music for this episode was provided by Table People. You can find links and more information about the band on our Featured Artist page. If you’re looking to improve your Korean skills, check out He makes some good videos that are short and easily digestible.  Here’s one of his more recent videos. In The …

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Episode 017: My Way Or The Highway – Show Notes

We talked about transportation around Korea in this episode. The most useful websites if you want to purchase train tickets is for KoRail. You can book tickets for the KTX or the standard trains. All you need is a passport and a credit/debit card. It does not need to be a Korean card. In the news, …

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Episode 016: The Way Back Machine – Show Notes

Here are the links to find more info about Land of the Mourning Clam. Land of the Mourning Clam Facebook The music was from Yukari, and you can find her information on our Featured Artist page.

Episode 015: Almost 20 Questions – Show Notes

If you’d like more information for the 2014 Blog Awards on December 20th, you can check out the Korea Observer website, or take a look at the Facebook page. The Korea Observer Blog Awards Facebook Page Here is the video I mentioned from Jason Is Korean, about his take on Korea’s education system. Here is …

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