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Episode 041: The Dating Game

In this episode Steve and Teresa discuss tips and ideas for dating a Korean. If you’re in need of ideas or things to do to surprise your Korean partner, we’ve got some things in here that might help. There’s also new music from Southway, an indie band out of Seoul, with their song Here and …

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Episode 036 – Faptacular

Did you ever see a Korean porn video and wonder why it was so bad? Well in this episode Steve and Teresa sit down and talk about the sorry state of porn vids in Korea and how they came to be. There’s also some trippy new music from the band Tirikilatops.

Episode 021 – Go Home, You’re Drunk! Pt. 2

Here is part two of our drunk episode. Enjoy!    

Episode 021 – Go Home, You’re Drunk Pt. 1

As befits our 21st episode, Teresa, Dan and Steve get drunk and go off-topic about whatever comes to mind. This is part one of a two part episode. 

Episode 020 – Frenemies

In this episode talk about the fractured nature of the foreigner community in South Korea and we sit down with Brian and Hyelin from Stompy Ruffers, a company out of Deagu that is looking to create American-Korean cultural fusion. Check them out at We also have new music from Language of Shapes. And if …

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Evidence of Dan’s Infidelity

As we mentioned in the last show, Dan was a guest on Cafe Seoul. Go check it out. Even though he was unfaithful, we still love him. Head over to Cafe Seoul’s Spreaker page and give it a listen. They’re also available in iTunes.

Episode 016: The Way Back Machine

Our first episode of 2015! We hop in the Way Back Machine and review some of our personal highs and lows for 2014 and talk about some of the more noteworthy news stories of the last year. Special guest James Anderson joins us to talk about The Land Of the Mourning Clam, his comic strip …

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Episode 012: Korea Boo!

Steve and Teresa talk about what scares them and go through some common Korean ghost stories and superstitions. Also, music from Baekma!

Episode 008: You Wanna Get High – Show Notes

In this episode we talked about the legality of smoking marijuana in Korea and the accompanying punishments and penalties. Here are some of the links we referenced in the show: Foreigners Arrested in Seoul Smoking Marijuana in North Korea The Use of Marijuana in the Past Penalties for the Various Drug Offenses We also talked …

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