Episode 041: The Dating Game

In this episode Steve and Teresa discuss tips and ideas for dating a Korean. If you’re in need of ideas or things to do to surprise your Korean partner, we’ve got some things in here that might help. There’s also new music from Southway, an indie band out of Seoul, with their song Here and Now. Check out our featured artist page for more info about them. Leave us a like on facebook or a review on iTunes or Stitcher and we’ll love you extra hard.



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  1. This the same guy who wrote about 소개팅. I don’t see an easier way to reach Steve. So, I write here. You don’t have to make this comment public. Just delete it after you read it.

    This time, I wanted to clarify that the “bun” in “bun sig” (분식) does not come from “minute” but from “powder.” So, 분식 means “food made from powder” that is “flour.” (Putting a makeup on can be described as 분 바르다. It means putting on powder. It is the same 분.) So, the name 분식 does not connote the speed but the ingredient.

    But now that I hear your interpretation, I realize for the first time that they are prepared quickly as well.

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