Episode 042: Shipping and Handling

In this episode Steve and Dan discuss Korea’s affair with mail-order brides from SE Asia and the societal struggles Korea is having as a result. Dan also tickles our ear pussies with another installment of the Cunning Linguist and we’ve got great new music by Acid Party and their song The Sea Hates a Coward. Get their info on our Featured Artist page and consider liking us on Facebook or leaving us a comment on iTunes if you think we’re worth it.



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  1. I just wanted to share what I know. The “ting” ending in so-gae-ting (소개팅) stems from the English word “meeting.” Although the type of meetings tend to gravitate toward the romantic side (something I noticed only after Dan mentioned it), as you can see they all involve meetings.

    So, all these expressions such as so-gae-ting should be understood as a shortened from of so-gae-meeting. Then it will make perfect sense.

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