Episode 005: Home Brew – Show Notes

In this episode we interviewed Ed, a craft brewer here in Korea. He offered lots of tips on how to get your brew on in Korea. You can get in contact with Ed via his facebook group, which you can find here.

For more information and supplies for craftbrewing in Korea, Ed recommends these fine sources:

Seoul Home Brew
Craft Brewer

And in a shout-out to some of Ed’s friends from back home, check out these guys:

Kannah Creek Brewing Company

In The News
Man taken hostage during a blind date!

Angry fans throw candy at returning World Cup players. 

In our Language segment this episode, we talked about the verb 오다, which means ‘to come’.

You will most often here this used in the phrase 오서오세요, which means to please come in. Shops of all sorts often say this as you walk in, and it will also be displayed on signs at the entrance.

Ways that you can use the verb include:
와요 – Semi-formal, means come or come in.
왔어요 – Came (used at the end of the sentence, after the subject)
오세요 – Formal, please come
온나 – Get over here, why don’t you?
오라 – Come! (strongly, imperative statement)

As always, if you have any questions for us about things we talked about or just in general about life in Korea, you can drop us a line via our Contact page.

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