Episode 006: Summer Lovin’

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  1. It was a good podcast but you skipped the (3rd) most controversial do & don’t: dating your co-teacher. I can’t believe y’all skipped it! Shame on you!

    I’ve been in-country about 7 years now. Every once in awhile I hear something about foreign teachers and co-teachers hooking up. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s drama central. Man, EPIK and GEPIK, they get MAAAAADDD when they hear about those “cultural exchanges”(lolz). Other districts I worked at don’t care, so basically it was “Green light motherfukkas”. I know 4 or more foreigners who married their co-teachers (and 1 who married a student [adult]) and at least 3 guys I know married their hagwon partner. But hey, I live down south. We wild over here.

    For your next underground podcast on relationships, you have to talk about it. 1) Is it a ‘good idea or bad idea? 2) Do you know of anyone who did and if so, how did it work out? Good like Will & Jada? Bad like Madonna & Sean Penn? (Or Ike & Tina) 3) If you had a co-teacher who was your type, would you make the move?

    • Definitely good points to consider. I’ve struggled with that dilemma myself and am actually hot for a teacher I work with now. Haven’t tried but I’ve come damn close on more than one occasion.

    • Thanks for your comment Steve. I don’t know how we missed that one either! Definitely worth mentioning next time. Great to hear love can grow in the workplace without too many obstacles.. It’s always a hard one whether it’s here or back home. Really appreciate your feedback! ^^

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