Episode 008: You Wanna Get High?

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I'm the host of the podcast Korea Underground.
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  1. Weed:
    Sometimes when I walking around I think I smell pot burning. And I smell this all the time. A friend told me it was actually a different herb Koreans cook with or something, but I have no idea what it is. Also, sometimes I think marijuana is exactly what Korea needs to battle its uptight bali bali culture.

    I practically had to go to battle with my hagwon to get Sept. 10 off. The claimed it wasn’t a national holiday, but I argued it was. They relented and said it was, then they came back to me and said it wasn’t, but that they’d give me it off as a “good will” gesture. Also, it’s crazy seeing 6 apples on sale at Emart for 60,000w.

    Terrible, but I admit I’ve eaten a lot of it in the years I’ve been in Korea. I’ve learned spam + rice is called “Hambop” and chicken + rice is called “Chibop”.

    There’s a reason singing rooms don’t have CCTV in them.

  2. Pretty good show this time. I’m curious as to what the next podcast will be. I got some topics for ya if you don’t have any ideas.

    1) “weird” shit you’ve seen. By weird I mean, if a Korean saw it, even they would say it was strange.
    2) “weird” places to go to in Korea. 1 idea: ghost tour in Seoul.
    3) North-South relations. This’ll probably delve into talking about weird North Korean news (ie did he feed his uncle to dogs or to the flamethrower and then the dogs [and then torched the dogs with the flamethrower] ?)
    4) Things to buy in Korea that are ‘difficult’ to obtain. Besides weed that is. Well, you ARE the underground podcast. You might as well live up to YOUR NAME and go hardcore (might want to leave Dan out of that podcast episode).

    • Thanks for the comments, Steve. I left a replay a few days ago but for whatever reason it didn’t stick. I’ve advised the other hosts to keep an eye out for strange things they might have seen, so we might get enough stuff to fill a show. We’re also working on a Halloween episode so weird places could fit in with that one. I’ve also got a North-South show planned, but that’s a big topic and I’m not sure yet what kind of angle I want to take with it. It will require a lot of research. As far as other things difficult to obtain, are you referring to different types of drugs or other forms of contraband?

      • When I first came to Korea 7 years ago, there was a long-running joke that certain foods from the States or England were much harder to find than weed, like Kettle chips or Reeses pieces (or even decent cheese). Nowadays the joke isn’t as valid because internet stores and FTA. Every once in a while, I hear about someone needing ‘something’ that isn’t illegal but ridiculously hard to obtain. You could do a serious podcast or a funny podcast (psst: I know where you can get Marmite. Keep it on the hush-hush don’t talk too much).

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