Episode 011: Why Buy The Cow

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  1. great show. It was nice to hear about the married experience in Korea. I must say I’ve entertained the idea of a “marriage of convenience” to a Korean gal just to get out from under this stupid E2 visa and the oppressive hagwon system. But after listening to your show, I guess it would be harder than I first thought if the government comes to your house and goes through your pictures. I guess I could just fall in love and great real Korean-married, but i’m too much of a realist to think that would happen.

    on a another note, here’s some ideas for shows: More on different types of visas; hagwon horror stories; the clique-ish foreigner drinking mentality; Does anyone ever leave Korea happy?; Is Korea a Cheating culture?; is it possible to plan for retirement teaching ESL in Korea, or is it a young person’s game only?.

    • Great suggestions. I’ll put them on the show topic cue. Cheers!

    • Thanks for your comment Zombiedog. I’m sure quite a few of us out there have contemplated a marriage of convenience.. but alas, it is no longer convenient in South Korea. You could try one of the million match-making agencies out there. They’re still very popular with Koreans and it seems there are happy couples!

      Love the suggestions! I’d like to know whether people leave Korea happy too, and I’ve got plenty to say on the ‘cheating’ culture here.

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