Episode 013: U Mad Bro?

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I really enjoyed this one, (and good to hear Dan back). It gave me a lot to think about and put some things into perspective. I think the bitterness comes and goes, though I really do like Korea, and been here for “a number of years now”. It’s hard to articulate, maybe the micro aggression have a cumulative effect, LOL. Plus when your battling a dishonest employer, it really puts a rain cloud over things because on an E2 you always feel like the carpet can be pulled out from under you at any moment, and if you’ve been here long term the more you build a life upon the basis of an E2, which is a very shaky foundation. Like, you don’t want to leave the country, but you constantly get the hint that the country doesn’t really want you to get too comfortable. Anywho, that just me bitchering. All in all it’s a great place, and I do think it’s important to do something that gives you perspective, like studying Korean. BTW thanks for all the language tips guys, Dan and Teresa especially. They go into my notebook for sure, and by that I mean my fucking brandspankingnew Galaxy Note 4!!! But I took private Korean lessons for a year, remember that always helped, so I think I need to get back into that again. That, and not losing yourself in work, which can happen if your boss is the pits. Ok, I tried very hard to make a good runon paragraph. I’ll be going back to the states for Thanksgiving which will be a nice diversion, and my first visit in 3 years. So cheers I’ll be listening to your next couple of shows from the homeland.

  2. Hi Zombiedog, great to hear from you! thank you so much for your feedback and kind words. You don’t realise how much we appreciate it! I totally understand what you mean, I felt disposable on an E2 – even with an F visa I still hit walls. The most important thing is to keep on going though, and it’s also not the end of the world, things could be much, much worse! As long as we’re one step ahead of yesterday, we’re doing alright, I say! Enjoy your time back home with family, it’s gonna be awesome!!

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