Episode 029 – GTFO?

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  1. Steve, This site server is too slow.. Downloading is very slow. Please upload podcasts to spreaker also. Cafe seoul also uploads there. Easier on android phones to listen.

    • Thanks for the comment. I just downloaded this episode myself from the browser and it completed in 5-7 minutes. I was getting maybe an average of 130kb/s download speed. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but the timeframe seems reasonable for a show that was around 90 minutes at and about 80MBs in size. But perhaps you can shed some light on that for me.

      I’ll double check on Spreaker but they approached me early on asking if I wanted to use them as a host and I didn’t care for their package deals. The service they offered was limited and got very expensive very quickly. In the meantime we are on Stitcher Radio, which is Android-friendly.

  2. When is it time to go? This is the type of question that usually answers itself in a variety of ways. Do you find yourself full of rage because you cannot move past the daily annoyances of living here? Are you relatively certain that you can earn more back home, and live a quality of life relatively better than what you have currently in Korea? To wit; are you going home to smalltown USA where a dollar still has buying power, or are you going to some air-conditioned hyperinflation nightmare like LA, where $25 an hour means that you are borderline impoverished?

    Are you unable to accept the idea that if you refuse to learn Korean, you will likely be in the ESL industry for the rest of your life, and that your salary will likely stay the same or go down, even as your skills improve? In fact, your salary is almost guaranteed to go down simply due to inflation and wage stagnation. Have you failed to save money? If you haven’t done it yet, you likely won’t do it in the future.

    Are you failing to (1) save money, (2) improve your skill set (3) become healthier (4) enjoy yourself? If you are not doing a single one of these things, it is time to leave. Evolution is the key to survival here. Evolution, hard work, and your social network. I am an average person, with an average degree from an average university. I came here with less than a month’s salary in my pocket 9 years ago, straight out of school. I am not an academic. I do not have a masters degree. I have made it work. I have streamlined my schedule, and maximized my earning potential. The English business in Korea is still very lucrative, but nobody is going to throw money at you for just showing up and having a white face anymore. You actually have to APPLY yourself and evolve. You have to develop your skills and you have to have the willpower to seek opportunity if you want to make stacks of money. I am always amazed by other expats in their 30’s or even 40’s who are perfectly content with earning 2.2 a month, a lifetime of which would result in a pension of like $380 a month and practically nothing saved. I am even more horrified when my friends in these situations get their wives pregnant.

    Anyhow, excellent podcast, in my opinion the best in Korea. Keep up the good work!

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