Episode 035: Takin’ Care of Business

In our first new episode of 2016 Steve and Dan discuss Korean corporate culture and how things work on the inside and why Korea has the worst productivity in the OECD. And since we were lucky enough to get Dan on the show, we’ve got some cunning linguistics for you. Check the show notes to get the full text and translation. In this episode we also feature new music by the band Dongmyo Police Box. Get their information on our Featured Artist page and show them some love. Happy 2016 everyone!




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  1. Awesome episode you guys had there. Nice to have Dan back(at least for the show). As someone working as a white collar guy in Korea I can related to almost everything what you guys discussed. I would say nice for starting this years podcast. For next episodes as Dan said “빨리 해 주세요” 🙂 . OINK is big fun, You guys should definitely check it out.

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