Episode List

Here you’ll find direct links to each episode.

Episode 001: Dance Monkey, Dance!

Episode 002: Java The Hut

Episode 003: Hit The Books

Episode 004: Pack Your Bags

Episode 005 Home Brew

Episode 006: Summer Lovin’

Special Episode: Blackface

Episode 007: Have English, Will Travel

Episode 008: You Wanna Get High?

Episode 009: Home Crap Home

Episode 010: We All Go A Little Mad

Episode 011: Why Buy The Cow

Episode 012: Korea Boo!

Episode 013: U Mad Bro?

Episode 014: Hanky Panky

Episode 015: Almost 20 Questions

Episode 016: The Way Back Machine

Episode 017: My Way Or The Highway

Episode 018: I’m Home Momma

Episode 019: Grab Bag

Episode 020: Frenemies

Episode 021: Go Home, You’re Drunk Part 1

Episode 021: Go Home, You’re Drunk Part 2

Episode 022: Mo’ Money

Episode 023: GI Joe

Episode 024: Down With The Cool Kids

Episode 025: Your Privilege or Mine?

Episode 026: K-Poppin’ Part 1

Episode 027: K-Poppin’ Part 2

Episode 028: You Don’t Know Jeong!

Episode 029: GTFO?

Episode 030: No, You Make Me A Sandwich!

Episode 031: Death of a Korean

Episode 032: Pumpkin Eater

Episode 033: Wrappin’ It Up

Episode 034: Testing, 1, 2, 3

Episode 035: Takin’ Care of Business

Episode 036: Faptacular

Episode 037: What’s Up, Doc?

Episode 038: No Means No!

Episode 039: Terrible Twos

Episode 040: Gimme!

Episode 041: The Dating Game

Episode 042: Shipping and Handling

Episode 043: Do You Know Dokdo?

Episode 044: Don’t Call It a Comeback

Episode 045: Hey, Baby!

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