Friends of the Show

Korea Underground is very happy to have Waegook Travel as a friend and supporter of the show. Check them out and tell ’em you heard about them on the podcast.

Head over and take a look at their upcoming events!

Head over and take a look at their upcoming events!

About Waegook Travel:

Whether it’s fun in the sun, ice wine on a ski slope or sharing in the excitement of Formula 1, one fact remains.

It’s always lots of FUN!!! 

We were the first with many events now popular with other Event Organizers. People have enjoyed our tours since 2005 and we strive to make each experience a unique and thoroughly enjoyable one.



Check out Land of the Mourning Clam’s website, which is “Just a good-natured comedic roast of Korea!”. Jim does some funny comics about living in Korea. You can hear our interview with him in Episode 16.




We’re glad to add Stompy Ruffers to our list of friends at Korea Underground. Stompy Ruffers is “aimed at “fusing” Korean culture with American culture to create fun new products, events, and activities.” Make sure to check out the video section of their website. You can hear our interview with Brian and Hyelin in Episode 20.



Café Seoul is what might be called a sister podcast to Korea Underground. We had Eugene, the host of Cafe Seoul, on our show in Episodes 26 and 27. Cafe Seoul is…

Café Seoul is a Korea-based expat-lifestyle podcast. Co-hosted by a trio of expats with diverse backgrounds, each episode deals with a particular hot-button theme or issue. Café Seoul discusses recent news, answers listener questions, and interviews interesting people all for the sake of intelligent discussion with a dash of humor.

So head over to their website and check them out.



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