Episode 037 – What’s Up, Doc?

Upon the suggestion of a listener, Steve and Teresa delve deep into the topic of Korea’s National Health Insurance system. Is it any good? How does it compare to other Western countries? What are the strengths and weaknesses? And in a first for our show, we’ve got a hip-hop song from artist Atwater with his song, See Who.



Episode 036 – Faptacular

Did you ever see a Korean porn video and wonder why it was so bad? Well in this episode Steve and Teresa sit down and talk about the sorry state of porn vids in Korea and how they came to be. There’s also some trippy new music from the band Tirikilatops.


Episode 035 – Takin’ Care Of Business – Show Notes

Here’s the article about Korea’s productivity woes that Dan and Steve discussed.

Seven Reasons Why Korea Has the Worst Productivity in the OECD

Dan brought us some new Korean terms in his Cunning Linguist section.

네 알겠습니다 – yes, of course!  (the only answer to every question)
팀장님 – team leader
지금 하겠습니다 – yes, right away!
조금 더 빨리 해주세요 – do it faster!
야근 – ‘night work’
퇴근 – ‘leaving work’
출근 – ‘beginning work’
연차/월차/반차 – paid vacations: yearly, monthly, half day vacation
성과급 – bonuses
정규직/계약직/비정규직/알바 – different types of contracts: tenured/yearly contract/non-tenured or irregular/temp work

Music in this episode was provided by Dongmyo Police Box. You can get more information about them on our Featured Artist page and head over to their Soundcloud page to hear it again.


Episode 035: Takin’ Care of Business

In our first new episode of 2016 Steve and Dan discuss Korean corporate culture and how things work on the inside and why Korea has the worst productivity in the OECD. And since we were lucky enough to get Dan on the show, we’ve got some cunning linguistics for you. Check the show notes to get the full text and translation. In this episode we also feature new music by the band Dongmyo Police Box. Get their information on our Featured Artist page and show them some love. Happy 2016 everyone!




Episode 034 – Testing, 1, 2, 3

In this vacation episode we hear Steve and Dan’s very first recording effort. Previously thought long deleted, this was the test recording Dan and I did to see how we sounded together. It’s raw, we’re sloppy, the sound quality is sub-par and I was still figuring out editing in Garageband but listening to it again after all this time made me oddly nostalgic. Enjoy!



Episode 032 – Pumpkin Eater

Steve and Teresa sit down and discuss whether or not Korea has a problem with cheating and plagiarism. We also talk a little bit about the big protest that happened last weekend in Seoul and what got people so pissed. We’ve got some great new music from Korean artist Shirosky and her song Tie Dye.



Episode 031 – Death of a Korean

In this year’s Halloween episode Teresa and Steve talk about death. We discuss our thoughts on it and then discuss Korean burial traditions. We look at how it was done in the past and how it’s changing in modern times as well as what happens to foreigners that might die here. Also in this episode we’ve got new music from Yumi with her song ‘Because of You’. Check the Featured Artist tab on our website to find more information about her.



Episode 030 – No, You Make Me A Sandwich! Show Notes