Episode 022 – Mo’ Money – Show Notes

Here’s all the info for Angle Magazine and Big Day South.

Big Day South


Angle Magazine X Luxsi Young (We’re going to add the tshirt from Pallo shortly)

Here’s a playlist of the music that will feature at the festival.

Episode 022 – Mo’ Money

In this episode Dan gives us some information about banking and investment in Korea. We’re also joined by Philip Brett from Angle Magazine and delve deep into the music and art of the southern half of South Korea. New music provided by The March Kings.



Episode 021 – Go Home, You’re Drunk! Pt. 2

Here is part two of our drunk episode. Enjoy!




Episode 021 – Go Home, You’re Drunk Pt. 1

As befits our 21st episode, Teresa, Dan and Steve get drunk and go off-topic about whatever comes to mind. This is part one of a two part episode. mediumlogo.jpg

Episode 020 – Frenemies – Show Notes

Zen Bar

Story about Zen Bar kicking out a gay man.
Zen Bar’s Facebook page 

Foreigner Communities and Support

To read about the ATEK debacle, check out these links:
Three Wise Monkeys – ATEK: The Great White Hoax
Roboseyo – A Eulogy for ATEK

Two other support communities for foreigners in Korea are AFEK and KOTESOL.

More info about Stompy Ruffers

StompyRuffers on Facebook


Lee Min Ho and Suji are a couple.
Suji tells what attracted her to Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho and Suji traveling together


The music for this episode was provided by Language of Shapes. You can find links to all their info on our Featured Artist page, but here’s a video of their song “Stitches” which we played on this episode.



Episode 020 – Frenemies

In this episode talk about the fractured nature of the foreigner community in South Korea and we sit down with Brian and Hyelin from Stompy Ruffers, a company out of Deagu that is looking to create American-Korean cultural fusion. Check them out at http://www.stompyruffers.com We also have new music from Language of Shapes. And if you’d like to support the show with a bit of money, check out our patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/koreaunderground

Episode 019: Grab Bag

In this episode Steve and Dan clear out some of the smaller topics that we’ve been tossing around or that have been suggested by listeners, but which don’t justify a full show. Listen for new artist OopsNice and their song “Dandelion”.

Evidence of Dan’s Infidelity

As we mentioned in the last show, Dan was a guest on Cafe Seoul. Go check it out. Even though he was unfaithful, we still love him. Head over to Cafe Seoul’s Spreaker page and give it a listen. They’re also available in iTunes.

Episode 018: I’m Home Momma – Show Notes

Music for this episode was provided by Table People. You can find links and more information about the band on our Featured Artist page.

If you’re looking to improve your Korean skills, check out GoBillyKorean.com. He makes some good videos that are short and easily digestible.  Here’s one of his more recent videos.

In The News

Cops put rapist in the same car as the woman he raped.
Adultery has been decriminalized by the Korean courts.
American comedian Conan O’brian visiting a jimjilbang.
First lesbian kiss on Korean television. The video has been blocked and I’m unable to find a new copy. Sorry guys!




Episode 018: I’m Home Momma

In this episode Steve and Teresa sit down with a special guest, Kim, who gives us some of her personal experiences with going back home after several years in Korea. Teresa also brings us another installment of Hallyu Doin’, and some news. We’ve also got new music from Table People.



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