Episode 017: My Way Or The Highway – Show Notes

We talked about transportation around Korea in this episode. The most useful websites if you want to purchase train tickets is for KoRail. You can book tickets for the KTX or the standard trains. All you need is a passport and a credit/debit card. It does not need to be a Korean card.

In the news, we talked about:

Scandal with Korean model and actress, Clara.
Some unhappy with new sculpture in Seoul.
Women getting in nice cars with strangers.

We also gave a mention to Michael Aronson and his music video about the Seoul Subway system.


Words and phrases from the Cunning Linguist

Asking and giving directions?

*insert location* 어디예요? – “Where is *insert location*?
오른쪽 – Go left.
왼쪽 – Go right.
직진 – Go straight.
여기 세워 주세요 – Stop here.
*Insert location* 건너/앞 – Across from *insert location*.

Idiom for this episode was  발이 넓은 사람 which translates as ‘A person with wide feet’. It means someone that has a wide network of friends.

If you want to say you don’t give a fuck about something, simply use 에라이 모르겠다.


Episode 017: My Way Or The Highway

Teresa is off in Australia and Dan and Steve talk about the various modes of transportation around Korea. From the bullet train to local cabs that put the fear of gawd into you. In this episode we’ve also got new music from AZBus, the return of the Cunning Linguist and find out what Steve’s problem is with George Lucas. And if you think the show is worth it, leave us a comment or rating on iTunes or Stitcher.

Episode 016: The Way Back Machine – Show Notes

Here are the links to find more info about Land of the Mourning Clam.

Land of the Mourning Clam

The music was from Yukari, and you can find her information on our Featured Artist page.

Episode 016: The Way Back Machine

Our first episode of 2015! We hop in the Way Back Machine and review some of our personal highs and lows for 2014 and talk about some of the more noteworthy news stories of the last year. Special guest James Anderson joins us to talk about The Land Of the Mourning Clam, his comic strip about Korea. We also have new music from Yukari. Happy New Year, everyone!

Episode 015: Almost 20 Questions – Show Notes

If you’d like more information for the 2014 Blog Awards on December 20th, you can check out the Korea Observer website, or take a look at the Facebook page.

The Korea Observer
Blog Awards Facebook Page

Here is the video I mentioned from Jason Is Korean, about his take on Korea’s education system.

Here is the video for the toilet device that was also mentioned.


The microwavable rice that Teresa raved about:

Microwavable Rice

Microwavable Rice









And her diamond ball face massager:


The ReFa Active with soccer superstar Ronaldo.



























Episode 015: Almost 20 Questions

Teresa and Steve go through their list of almost 20 questions about Korean stuff. Then some news and how you can come join us in Seoul on Dec. 20th for the 2014 K-Blog Awards. Also, music from Nice Legs!

Episode 014: Hanky Panky – Show Notes

Here are some of the articles I referenced about infidelity and marriages in Korea.

ABC News Report About Korean Infidelity
Long Working Hours Straining Korean Marriages
Ashley Madison
Legality of Adultery

Hallyu Doin

Watch Exo-K’s new add for Baskin Robbins here.

The movies that were mentioned about cheating were:

바람피기 좋은 날 – A Good Day to Cheat
The Green Chair
Sex Lies and Videotape

In The News

The Interview Not Coming To Korea
North Korea Hacks Sony Pictures?
Troubles for IKEA in Korea

Cunning Linguist

라면 먹고 갈래 – Direct Translation: Let’s eat ramen noodles. Subtext: Let’s go up and have sex.
쉬고 가자 – Direct Translation: Let’s rest. Subtext: Let’s have sex.
맻시야 – 멥시흥분 – what time is it? Sex time/I’m horny now.
오늘은 그날이야 – It’s that time of the month./I’m on my period.
떡볶이 만들어보자 – Direct Translation: Let’s make some spicy rice cakes. Subtext: Let’s have sex on one’s period.




Episode 014: Hanky Panky

In this episode we talk about infidelity in Korean culture. Also, vote for us for podcast of the year! http://www.koreaobserver.com/blogawards/podcast/

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Episode 013 – U Mad Bro? – Show Notes

Here’s the article I referenced for microagressions.

In Hallyu Doin’ Teresa talked about the marriage of musician Kim Kyung Ho (김경호) to a Japanese woman.

김경호 (Kim Kyung Ho)

김경호 (Kim Kyung Ho)


Kim Kyung Ho (김경호, born June 7, 1971 in Mokpo, South Korea) is a Korean rock singer known for his efforts in bringing rock music to South Korea and his 4 octave vocal range. Definitely one of the old hands of rock music in Korea. His debut album, released in 1995, was entitled “Kim Kyung Ho” .  More known for his second album, “kim:kyungho 1997”.  He also collaborated to the soundtrack of the 2002 Korean drama series Empress Myeongseong and 2004 (of which he covered Within Temptation song; “Mother Earth”). His most recent album, 9.5th Alive was released on June 25, 2009.

Kim Kyung Ho’s Wedding
His appearance on the Korean TV show, Hidden Singer:
One of his most popular songs – People Who Make Me Sorrowful  나는 슬프게 하는 사람들

In The News

Koreans off to Reno, Nevada for quickie divorces.
Pubic Hair Transplants.
A tax on being single.
Women on a pregnancy schedule.

Cunning Linguist with Dan

Words to express annoyance.

짜증나 – That’s annoying.
하기 싫어 – I don’t want to.
귀찮아 – So/Very annoying.
좀 – I don’t like that./Stop it.
하지마라 – Stop it (strongly).
그만해 – Stop it.
됐다 마 – I’ve had enough! / “Talk to the hand” as Dan put it.

It’s recommended that you put 요 behind expressions if you’re arguing with someone. In Korea, you need to be polite even when you argue.


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