Episode 018: I’m Home Momma

Episode 017: My Way Or The Highway – Show Notes

Episode 017: My Way Or The Highway

Teresa is off in Australia and Dan and Steve talk about the various modes of transportation around Korea. From the bullet train to local cabs that put the fear of gawd into you. In this episode we’ve also got new music from AZBus, the return of the Cunning Linguist and find out what Steve’s problem is with George Lucas. And if you think the show is worth it, leave us a comment or rating on iTunes or Stitcher.

Episode 016: The Way Back Machine

Our first episode of 2015! We hop in the Way Back Machine and review some of our personal highs and lows for 2014 and talk about some of the more noteworthy news stories of the last year. Special guest James Anderson joins us to talk about The Land Of the Mourning Clam, his comic strip about Korea. We also have new music from Yukari. Happy New Year, everyone!

Episode 015: Almost 20 Questions – Show Notes

If you’d like more information for the 2014 Blog Awards on December 20th, you can check out the Korea Observer website, or take a look at the Facebook page.

The Korea Observer
Blog Awards Facebook Page

Here is the video I mentioned from Jason Is Korean, about his take on Korea’s education system.

Here is the video for the toilet device that was also mentioned.



The microwavable rice that Teresa raved about:

Microwavable Rice

Microwavable Rice









And her diamond ball face massager:


The ReFa Active with soccer superstar Ronaldo.



























Episode 015: Almost 20 Questions

Episode 014: Hanky Panky – Show Notes

Episode 014: Hanky Panky

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