Episode 005: Home Brew – Show Notes

In this episode we interviewed Ed, a craft brewer here in Korea. He offered lots of tips on how to get your brew on in Korea. You can get in contact with Ed via his facebook group, which you can find here.

For more information and supplies for craftbrewing in Korea, Ed recommends these fine sources:

Seoul Home Brew
Craft Brewer

And in a shout-out to some of Ed’s friends from back home, check out these guys:

Kannah Creek Brewing Company

In The News
Man taken hostage during a blind date!

Angry fans throw candy at returning World Cup players. 

In our Language segment this episode, we talked about the verb 오다, which means ‘to come’.

You will most often here this used in the phrase 오서오세요, which means to please come in. Shops of all sorts often say this as you walk in, and it will also be displayed on signs at the entrance.

Ways that you can use the verb include:
와요 – Semi-formal, means come or come in.
왔어요 – Came (used at the end of the sentence, after the subject)
오세요 – Formal, please come
온나 – Get over here, why don’t you?
오라 – Come! (strongly, imperative statement)

As always, if you have any questions for us about things we talked about or just in general about life in Korea, you can drop us a line via our Contact page.

Episode 005: Home Brew!

In a first for Korea Underground, we interview Ed, a guy who runs a Home Brewing class, about making your own beer in Korea. He gives you a break down of the process and how to get set up while you’re living abroad in Korea.

In the news this episode we talk about another blind date disaster, and Korean soccer players getting pelted with candy on their less than triumphant return from the World Cup. Also, the return of the the language segment with Dan!


These aren’t big numbers when compared to podcasts like Smodcast or the Joe Rogan Experience. But after only four episodes and in such a niche market as living in Korea, these are amazing! A big thank you to everyone out there that’s taken the time to listen to the show. We really appreciate it!



You’re cordially invited…

On our most recent episode, Pack Your Bags, Teresa filled us in on all that was going on in the soccer world for all you World Cup fiends. One of the things was related to Korean soccer super star Pak Ji Sung and his upcoming marriage to reporter Kim Min Ji. Someone got an invitation to their wedding and decided to share it with the interwebs. So here you are:


Isn’t that sweet? If you haven’t yet listened to Episode 4, you can do so here and here.

Episode 004: Pack Your Bags Show Notes

There is a ton of info from this episode. We talked about a lot of places for traveling in the show. He’s the list if you want to google for more information.

Jeju Island
Busan for the beaches.
Waterparks like California Beach and Caribbean Bay
The Bosung green tea plantations
Mt. Sorak in Gangwon province
Seoul for it’s exhaustive list of cultural locations such as parks, museums, castles, and shopping.
The Toilet Museum in Suwon

If you want to book a ticket on Korea’s fast and efficient bullet train, check out their website. You can also search the iTunes store or the Google Play store for the Korail app. It’s only in Korean at this time, but they do have the option of buying sale tickets if you book about a month in advance. Save up to 30%!

The song you hear in the segment opener is 여행을 떠나요 (Yuh-hang-eul Dduh-na-yo) by 조용필 (Jo-Yong-Pil). Here’s a Youtube video of the full song.

Also, if you’re interested in doing group travel around Korea, don’t forget to check out our friends at Waegook Travel.

If the heat is getting to you, the food we mentioned, sometimes referred to as Korean ice cream, is called 빙수 (bing-soo). The chicken soup that Koreans like to eat on the hottest days of the year is called 삼계탕 (sam-gyea-tang).

In this episode’s installment of Hallyu Doing! Teresa gave us a load of trivia and info about Korea’s World Cup activities. Here’s a quick rundown of what we talked about:

1. They’re called the Taeguk Warriors aka The Reds/Red Devils, hence red t-shirts all over the place.
2. They first appears in the World Cup in 1954
3. They’ve qualified for the cup 9 times in total, which makes them the Asian country who has qualified the most for the games.
4. The 2002 mascots for the co-hosted World Cup with Japan were three gooey looking creatures, colored orange, purple and blue called Ato, Kaz and Nik – The Spheriks.  They’re supposed to be futuristic creatures, with the names coming from shortlists made by netizens and .. McDonalds outlets! Fail. Check them out.  Ugly to say the least.
5. Korea came 4th in 2002.
6. They most famous player in Korea of all time is Hong Myung-Bo, who is also the coach this year.
7. They’re part of group H this year.  With Russia, Belgium and Algeria.
8. One of the newest stars is forward, 28 yr old Park Chu-Young.
9. Up and rising star, striker Son Heung-min.
10. Their Jersey is specially designed by Nike – the jersey references the interlocking shapes of the Taegeuk- the yin yang shape at the center of Korea’s flag, at the top of each sleeve. It’s also got a collar inspired by traditional Korean clothing, and a tab inside the back of the neck with Korean calligraphy that translates to “fighting spirit.”

All that, plus a lot more.

Here are the links for the two stories we talked about on In The News.

Korea’s Grandmothers Who Sell Sex

Korean Girl Who Killed a Guy So She Could Go Shopping

If you any further questions about things we talked about on the show, or about anything else pertaining to life in Korea, be sure to ask.

Episode 004: Pack Your Bags: Summertime Travel in Korea

In this episode we talk about some of the top travel destinations in Korea during the summer months and also the best ways to get around. We also load you up with Korean World Cup facts and trivia. In the news: prostitutes and murderers!

This is Sparta!

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Did you know we had a youtube page? In case you like your audio in video format, I’ve finally gotten around to uploading our podcasts to youtube. You can check out our channel here.

Here’s the video of our first podcast.

Episode 003: Hit the Books Show Notes

In this episode we talked about a few resources you could use to help you in Korean.

Online resources include:

Memrise is great for learning vocabulary and offers a bunch of pre-made lessons to choose from. If you’re not happy with the selection or want to make your own, you’re free to do that, too. This is a free website.

Talktomeinkorean.com has a bunch of lessons that will help you improve your overall language skills. They offer many different lessons with different vocabulary and grammar focuses. This website is also free to use.

Books we recommend include:
Sogang Korean

In the News this Episode:

China is going absolutely nuts over Korean brands and pop culture figures.


Episode 003: Hit the Books: Should You Learn Korean?

In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of learning Korean if you’re here already or are thinking of coming to Korea. We also hook you up with a few resources and recommendations for getting started. And is one of our hosts a TV star? Tune in to find out!

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